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June 26, 2020



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Exciting New Developments for Polymers Made from Waste Sulfur

Researchers are making significant progress in the quest to develop new sulfur polymers that provide an environmentally friendly alternative to some traditional petrochemical based ...

Engineers Find Neat Way to Turn Waste Carbon Dioxide Into Useful Material

Making catalysts to convert waste carbon dioxide into useful industrial products has been expensive and complicated -- until now. Engineers show it's as easy as playing with ...

Half the Earth Relatively Intact from Global Human Influence

If we act quickly and decisively, there is a slim window in which we can still conserve roughly half of Earth's land in a relatively intact state, a new study ...

More Than 1000 Tons of Plastic Rains Into Western US Protected Lands Annually

水shed researchers estimate more than 1000 tons of microplastics (equal to more than 123 million plastic water bottles) are deposited in national ...
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虎蛇告诉更多关于瞧cal Wetlands' Pollution Levels

Tiger snakes living in Perth's urban wetlands are accumulating toxic heavy metals in their livers, suggesting that their habitats -- critical, local ecosystems -- are contaminated and the ...

New NiMH Batteries Perform Better When Made from Recycled Old NiMH Batteries

A new method for recycling old batteries can provide better performing and cheaper rechargeable hydride batteries (NiMH) as shown in a new ...

Scientists Find Evidence of Link Between Diesel Exhaust, Risk of Parkinson's

A new study in zebrafish identified the process by which air pollution can damage brain cells, potentially contributing to Parkinson's ...

Chemical Recycling Makes Useful Product from Waste Bioplastic

A faster, more efficient way of recycling plant-based 'bioplastics' has been developed by a team of ...

Microplastics Found in Florida's Birds of Prey for First Time

一项新的研究已确认和量化first time, the presence of microplastics in terrestrial and aquatic birds of prey in Florida, including hawks, ospreys and owls. The research is ...

Emissions from Road Construction Could Be Halved Using Today's Technology

The construction sector accounts for a quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, in Sweden and globally. Researchers studied the construction of an eight km stretch of road and calculated how emissions ...

Researchers Seek to Reduce Food Waste and Establish the Science of Food Date Labeling

Minimizing food waste is top of mind right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the lack of regulation and general understanding of food date labels leads to billions of dollars per year in ...

Researchers Turn Algae Leftovers Into Renewable Products With Flare

Researchers take waste products from algae-based omega-3 oil production and convert them into valuable and renewable polyurethane foams with a range of of commercial applications -- from flip-flops ...

El Niño-Linked Decreases in Soil Moisture Could Trigger Massive Tropical-Plant Die Offs

New research has found that El Niño events are often associated with droughts in some of the world's more vulnerable tropical regions. Associated with warmer than average ocean temperatures in ...

Scientists Develop Sustainable Way to Extract Chitin from Prawn Shells

Scientists have developed a green way to create chitin, by using two forms of food waste - prawn shells and discarded fruit - and fermenting ...

A Radar for Plastic: High-Resolution Map of 1 Kilometer Grids to Track Plastic Emissions in Seas

Plastic waste often ends up in river bodies and oceans, posing a serious threat to the marine ecosystem. To prevent the accumulation of plastic debris, we must find out where plastic emission is ...

Sewage Poses Potential COVID-19 Transmission Risk, Experts Warn

Environmental biologists have warned that the potential spread of COVID-19 via sewage 'must not be neglected' in the battle to protect human ...

Sustainable Recovery of Nutrients from Urine

Most ammonia capture is done through the Haber-Bosch (HB) process, an energy-intensive technique used to produce fertilizer that accounts for 1-2% of the world's annual energy consumption. ...

Experts Apply Microbiome Research to Agricultural Science to Increase Crop Yield

In an effort to increase crop yield, scientists are studying the bacterial and fungal communities in soil to understand how microbiomes are impacting agricultural crops. They believe technological ...

Researchers have found the highest levels of microplastic ever recorded on the seafloor, with up to 1.9 million pieces in a thin layer covering just one square ...

Upcycling Spongy Plastic Foams from Shoes, Mattresses and Insulation

Researchers have developed a new method for upcycling polyurethane foams, the spongy material found in mattresses, insulation, furniture cushions and ...

Are Salt Deposits a Solution for Nuclear Waste Disposal?

Researchers testing and modeling to dispose of the current supply of ...

Plastic Pollution Reaching the Antarctic

Food wrapping, fishing gear and plastic waste continue to reach the Antarctic. Two new studies detail how plastic debris is reaching sub-Antarctic ...

Make Wastewater Drinkable Again

Delivering water to city dwellers can become far more efficient, according to researchers who say it should involve a healthy level of recycled ...

Novel Coronavirus Detected, Monitored in Wastewater

A new approach to monitoring the novel coronavirus (as well as other dangerous pathogens and chemical agents) is being developed and refined. Known as wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE), the method ...

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